Provisional cast-ons

IMHO the secret to provisional cast-ons is finding one that actually makes sense to you. They don’t need to be tricky, fiddly, confusing or infuriating.

Here’s a list of online tutorials for different techniques. I’ll be honest, I prefer those techniques that don’t mess with waste yarn. I think it’s incredibly nifty to have those stitches ready to knit when you need them, as opposed to trying to figure out where to pick them loose from, say, a crocheted provisional cast on. I don’t mind having an extra set of circular needles dangling (or at a larger gauge, a circular cord with the caps), especially for the few rows of stockinette that this particular pattern requires. (But then, I think knitting on 2 circulars is perfectly fine.)

Cast-ons specifically shown an extra circular cord/ needle:

Cast-ons involving waste yarn (most are easily adaptable to using the circular cord/needle)

Other cast-ons: