Where does the story begin?

When I’d only been designing a year or two, I decided I wanted to do a few small collections, of maybe 5 patterns each, each designed around a theme that intrigued or interested me. (Yes, ‘small’ went out the window.)

The first was what grew into California Revival Knits.

The second is the Wild West Collection.

And the third was Hitch, with vintage inspired designs, themselves inspired by the films of Alfred Hitchcock.

I realized, after getting CRK published, that I wanted Hitch out sooner than when it would be if I just did it myself, especially since it was originally going to be after the second collection.

I’d watched Heather Ordover a bit, with her Defarge series. I’d helped out with tech editing and giving feedback to Jaala on submissions at Knitcircus.

I thought…why not do Hitch as a multi-designer collection? As editor, I would get to choose the designs that fit my idea of the aesthetic for the book. I could limit the palette to creams, greys, black and red. I could still do a few designs myself, but I wasn’t saddling myself with doing 18 or 20, and the time required to do that many patterns. And Hitch would be published in a timely manner.

And so it was. I’m thrilled by the designs in the book — I think the designers did an incredible job. I hope you are too!

You can purchase the PDF of Hitch here on Ravelry.

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