[table id=8 /] ERRATA (Sanguine Gryphon Version) Openwork Leaf Pattern:  Round 2 should be yo, k2, sl1k2togpsso, k2, yo, k1. on p4, under the Join Flounce section, the 4th paragraph should begin:

Rnd 9, and all subsequent odd rows (RS)…

On page 2, the Eyelet Chart, R25 should read: K2, [p5, k1] 4 times, p5, k2.

The Eyelet Chart is mislabeled as Flounce Chart. The chart itself is correct, but the written directions include an erroneous Row 1. Work should actually begin on what is called R2 in the written directions, and it is an RS row.

Hip/Waist shaping Should read:

Decrease rnd: Work in pattern to 3 sts before 1st Gaia Lace marker. SSK, k1, SM, work in pattern to next Gaia Lace marker, SM, work 3 sts in pattern, k1, k2tog. Rep for back of skirt.