Japanese Knitting Links

A few years ago I saw a flurry of bloggy activity about a gorgeous, gorgeous sweater:  Am Kamin.

I coveted that sweater.

Unfortunately, it (along with Herbstlied, which I love even more) are in the same mental to-do pile with all the Alice Starmore sweaters I want to do (Irish Moss, Fern, Little Rivers are some of my favorites — and I do have St Brigid in progress).

However, in the process of learning about Japanese knitting, the different symbols, etc I compiled the following list of useful links.  Keep in mind that most of these were found pre-Ravelry;  if I had to start now, I’d start first with the Ravelry group and go from there.  Regardless, I’ve bolded the sites I think are most helpful.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t add the NeedleArts BookShop;  she has a resource page on Japanese knitting and is a good source for various titles.

Books I especially recommend:

  • Any of the stitch dictionaries (I have 100, 250, 300)
  • Clear & Simple Knitting Symbols

YesAsia also has many titles.

Symbols and Stitches

KALs and Groups


Japanese Knitting Blogs

Other Help & Project Notes

Newly added site (6/20/11):